Chord Editor

The chord editor is displayed when a chord region is selected.


Its ruler behaves similarly to the editor ruler explained in Editor Ruler.

The chord editor has a list of chords on the left side that can be changed, and an arranger on the right side for creating chord progressions.


A chord in the context of the chord editor refers to a chord on the left side of the editor.


These chords act similarly to the piano roll keys explained in Piano Roll Keys.

Chord Selector

Double-clicking on a chord will bring up the chord selector, which allows you to change that chord.


At the moment, only the chord creator is functional. A chord can be created by selecting its root note, its type, its accent and its bass note.

Selecting In scale under Visibility will only show options that correspond to chords inside the scale active at the start of the region. This makes it easy to create chords that stay in the current scale.

Chord Arranger

The chord arranger refers to the arranger section of the chord editor.


The chord editor contains chord objects that signify the start of a chord. Chord objects do not have a length.

Editing in the chord arranger follows Edit Tools and Common Operations.

Context Menu


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Event Viewer

The event viewer in the chord editor is similar to the timeline event viewer discussed in Event Viewer.


It displays information about each chord object.