Track Types

Zrythm has the following types of Tracks, and they are explained further in their own sections.

Instrument Track

A Track that contains regions holding MIDI notes. It also has automation lanes for automating its components.

Audio Track

A Track containing audio regions, cross-fades, fades and automation.

Bus Track

A Track corresponding to a mixer bus. Bus tracks only contain automation

Master Track

The Master track is a special type of Bus Track that controls the master fader and contains additional automation options.

Group Track

A Group Track is used to route signals from multiple Tracks into one Track. It behaves like a Bus Track with the exception that other Tracks can route their output signal directly into Group Track.

Chord Track

A Chord Track is a special kind of Track that contains chords and scales and is a great tool for assisting with chord progressions.

Marker Track

A Marker Track is a special kind of Track that contains song markers - either custom or pre-defined ones like the song start and end markers.