File Browser

The File Browser makes it easy to navigate through files on your computer or through your custom collections.



The Bookmarks section contains a list of bookmarked directories. Double-clicking on a directory will show its contents in the file list below.

Standard Bookmarks

Zrythm provides standard bookmarks for Home and Desktop, which correspond to the home and desktop directories of the current user.

Custom Bookmarks

Custom bookmarks can be added by right-clicking on a directory in the file list and selecting Add Bookmark.


Similarly, custom bookmarks can be removed by right-clicking on the bookmark and selecting Delete.



Filter Buttons

Similarly to the plugin browser, files can be filtered based on their type.


Filtering by audio files

The following toggles are available.


Only show audio files.


Only show MIDI files.


Only show preset files.


Preset filtering is not implemented yet.

Showing Unsupported Files

By default, only supported files will be shown in the file list. To also show unsupported files, enable Show unsupported files in the file browser preferences.

Showing Hidden Files

By default, only files that are not hidden will be shown in the file list. To also show hidden files, enable Show hidden files in the file browser preferences.


Audio and MIDI files can be auditioned by making use of the auditioning controls at the bottom of the file list.


File auditioning controls

media-playback-start Play

Trigger playback of the selected file.

media-playback-stop Stop

Stop playback of the selected file.


Control the loudness of the output audio.


The selected instrument will be used for playing back MIDI files. In the above example, the Helm instrument is selected.


Auto-play (automatically playing back the selected file when the selection changes) can be enabled in the preferences below.


Clicking the cog icon will bring up the preferences for the file browser.


File browser preferences

File Info

Information, such as metadata, for the selected file is always shown at the bottom of the file panel.


Information about the selected audio file

Importing Files

Files are imported into the project by either double-clicking or dragging and dropping into the timeline.


Drag-n-dropping an audio file into a new track

Pop-up File Browser

An additional file browser with similar functionalities is available by clicking the Popup File Browser button near the bottom right of the main window.