Inspector Page#

When a plugin is selected in the Mixer, or when using right click ‣ Inspect on an instrument, its page will appear in the inspector.


Plugin inspector#

This page will display information about the plugin and its ports and allow you to make changes.

Plugin Properties#

The plugin properties show the name and type of the plugin, as well as preset and bank selectors.


Plugin Ports#

These are the ports that the plugin owns. Depending on the type of plugin, there may be different categories of ports being shown.


Control input ports can be changed by clicking and dragging, and can also be automated using automation tracks.

Ports can be routed to other ports anywhere within Zrythm by double clicking on them.

See also

Ports are explained in more detail in Ports.


The number in the top right of each port name will display the current number of connections to/from this port. See Connections for details.