Edit Tools#

When working in each editor or arranger, you will most likely be using the cursor tools provided by Zrythm to create, edit and delete objects. Each cursor signifies a separate tool, and Zrythm offers the following tools.


Select/Stretch Tool#

This can be toggled to switch between Select and Stretch.

In Select mode, you can make object selections and create, move, clone and resize objects. This is the most common mode and the most common operations can be accomplished by just using this.

Stretch mode is similar to the Select mode, with the exception that when you resize objects, their contents will be stretched to fit the new size.

Creating Objects#

Using the select (default) tool, all objects are created by double clicking inside their corresponding arranger and dragging, then releasing when you are satisfied with the position/size.


Creating a region#

Selecting Objects#

To select objects, you can either click on them, click in empty space and keep dragging to make a selection, or Control-click to add/remove objects to/from the selection.

Selected objects will have brighter color than non-selected objects.


Selecting objects#

Moving Objects#

Objects are moved by clicking and dragging them around. You can move regions to other tracks if the track types are compatible.


Moving a region#

Cloning (Copy-Moving) Objects#

Holding down Ctrl while moving objects will allow you to copy-and-move the objects to the new location.


Copy-moving a region#

Resizing Objects#

Objects that have length, such as regions and MIDI notes, can be resized by clicking and dragging their edges.

On objects that can be repeated, such as regions, moving the cursor on the bottom half of the object will allow you to resize the object by repeating it, instead of just resizing it.


When resizing, already repeated objects can only be repeated. To resize them instead of repeat them, their length must be changed or their clip markers must be moved so that they are not repeated anymore.

Cutting Objects#

You can Alt-click inside objects to break them up.

Edit Tool#

This tool is used to quickly create or delete objects. While you can still create objects using the Select tool by double clicking and dragging, with the Edit tool this is accomplished by single clicking and dragging, which is more efficient when creating a large number of objects.

Holding down Control while clicking will allow you to create multiple objects in a row (where applicable) with a length specified by the snap settings corresponding to each editor.

Cut Tool#

The Cut tool behaves similarly to what is mentioned in Cutting Objects, with the exception that you can just click instead of Alt-clicking.

Erase Tool#

Using the Erase tool you can just click on objects to delete them, or click and drag to make a selection, deleting all objects inside it.

Ramp Tool#

This tool is currently only used for editing velocities for MIDI notes. You can click and drag in the velocity editor to create velocity ramps.


Using the ramp tool on velocities#

Audition Tool#

The Audition tool is used to listen to specific parts of the song quickly. After enabling the audition tool, click anywhere to start playback from the position of the cursor and release the mouse button to stop.


Using the audition tool#


Where applicable, hold Shift to bypass snapping.


Pressing Escape will cancel any current action.