Zrythm has a Preferences dialog containing all of the global settings that can be accessed by clicking the gear icon or with Control-Shift-p

Each section in the preferences dialog is explained in the following sections.


General settings.



Audio engine settings.

Audio backend

The audio backend to use. The available backends are JACK, RtAudio and SDL2. We recommend using JACK when possible, otherwise RtAudio.

MIDI backend

The MIDI backend to use. The available backends are JACK MIDI, RtMidi and WindowsMME (Windows only). We recommend using JACK MIDI when possible, otherwise RtMidi.

MIDI controllers

A list of controllers to auto-connect to.

Audio inputs

A list of audio inputs to auto-connect to.

Paths (Global)

Global paths.

Zrythm path

The Zrythm user path.


Plugin settings.



Plugin UIs.

Generic UIs

Show generic plugin UIs generated by Zrythm instead of custom ones.

Open UI on instantiation

Open plugin UIs when they are instantiated.

Keep window on top

Always show plugin UIs on top of the main window.

Bridge unsupported UIs

Bridge unsupported UIs in another process instead of creating generic ones.


This may lead to performance loss for some plugins.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate in Hz. If set to 0, the screen’s refresh rate will be used.


VST plugins

The search paths to scan for VST2 plugins in.


This option is only available on Windows. On GNU/Linux and MacOS the paths are fixed. See Scanning for Plugins for details.

SFZ instruments

The search paths to scan for SFZ instruments in.

SF2 instruments

The search paths to scan for SF2 instruments in.


DSP settings.



Panning options for Mono signals (not used at the moment).

Pan algorithm

The panning algorithm to use when applying pan on mono signals. See the graph below for the different curves as you move the pan from left to right. We recommend leaving it as the default (Sine). See for more information.


Pan algorithms (sine, square root, linear).

Pan law

The Pan law to use when applying pan on mono signals.


Editing options.



Audio editing.

Fade algorithm

Default fade algorithm to use for fade in/outs.


Automation editing.

Curve algorithm

Default curve algorithm to use for automation curves.


Undo options.

Undo stack length

Maximum undo history stack length. Set to -1 for unlimited.


We recommend leaving it at 128.


Project settings.


General (Project)

General project settings.

Autosave interval

Interval to auto-save projects, in minutes. Auto-saving will be disabled if this is set to 0.


This refers to automatic back-ups. The main project will not be overwritten unless you explicitly save it.


User interface options.


General (UI)

General user interface options.

User interface language

The language to use for the user interface.


For a list of supported languages and their translation status, or to translate Zrythm into your language, see Weblate.


Some of these settings require a restart of Zrythm to take effect.