Bottom Panel

The bottom panel contains various editors (such as the piano roll and automation editor) as well as the mixer and chord pads.



The Editor tab contains an arranger for editing regions, as well as various controls that vary depending on the type of region selected.


Editing inside the Editor tab is covered in Editors.

Piano Roll

The Piano Roll, or MIDI Arranger, is the most commonly used editor. It can be used to edit MIDI regions, which contain MIDI notes. When a MIDI Region is selected, the Editor tab will display the Piano Roll, allowing you to edit that region.


The piano roll is covered in detail in Piano Roll.

Automation Editor

In Zrythm, automation is also enclosed in regions (called Automation Regions). This allows automation to be repeated, much like MIDI Regions. The Automation Editor will appear in the Editor tab when an Automation Region is selected.


The automation editor is covered in detail in Automation Editor.

Audio Editor

The audio editor is used to view the contents of audio regions. The audio editor will appear in the Editor tab when an audio region is selected.


The audio editor is covered in detail in Audio Editor.

Chord Editor

The chord editor is used for editing chord regions. It will appear in the Editor tab when a chord region is selected in the chord track.


The chord editor is covered in detail in Chord Editor.


The Mixer tab contains each channel and various controls for changing the signal as it passes through the channel.


Mixing is covered in Mixing.