Plugin Browser

The plugin browser makes it easy to browse and filter plugins installed on your computer.


Filter Tabs

Plugins can be filtered based on various conditions using the filter tabs at the top. The following tabs are available:


This tab contains your collections. You can create collections such as MySynths and filter by the selected collections.


Filter by plugin manufacturer/author.


Filter by category (Delay, Distortion, etc.).


Filter by protocol (LV2, SFZ, etc.).


You can mix filters from various tabs for a custom search.


Where applicable, you can Control-click to select multiple rows or deselect a row.

Filter Buttons

Additionally to the above, plugins can be filtered based on their type.


Filtering by modulator plugins

See Plugin Types for more information about the various types of plugins there are.

Instantiating Plugins

There are a couple of ways to instantiate plugins:


You can drag and drop the selected plugin into empty space in the Tracklist or into empty space in the Mixer to create a new track using that plugin.

../../_images/drop-plugin-to-mixer.png ../../_images/drop-plugin-to-tracklist.png

Alternatively, you can drag the plugin on a mixer slot to add it there or replace the previous plugin.


If the plugin is a modulator, you can drop it into the Modulators tab.


Double Click/Enter

Double click on the plugin or select it and press the return key on your keyboard to create a new track using that plugin.