Plugin Browser

The Plugin Browser makes it easy to browse and filter Plugins installed on your computer.


Filters Tab

The filters tab at the top allows you to select how to filter the Plugins. There are 3 tabs:


This tab contains your collections. You can create collections such as “MySynths” and filter by the selected collections.


Filter Plugins by category based on the plugin metadata, such as “Delay”, “Distortion”, etc.


Allows you to filter plugins based their protocol (LV2 or VST). Not operational at the moment.

Filter Buttons

Additionally to the above, you can filter plugins based on their type. The following types exist:


These plugins will create an instrument track when added to the project.


These plugins can be dragged into the insert slots of existing channels in the mixer or can be instantiated to create new bus tracks.


These plugins output CV signals and can be used to modulate other plugin or track parameters.

MIDI Effects

These plugins modify incoming MIDI signals and can be used in the MIDI signal chain of an Instrument or MIDI track (coming soon).


Zrythm looks inside the Plugin’s metadata to determine what type the Plugin is. If that is not enough, Zrythm makes a decision based on the number of audio, MIDI, control and CV input and output ports a Plugin has.

Instantiating Plugins

There are a couple of ways to instantiate plugins:


Drag and drop the selected plugin into empty space in the Tracklist or into empty space in the Mixer to create a new track using that plugin. If the plugin is a modulator, you can drop it into the Modulators Tab.

Double Click/Enter

Double click on the plugin or select it and press the return key on your keyboard to create a new track using that plugin.