Saving & Loading#

Loading Projects#

When Zrythm launches, it will ask you to select a project to load from a list of recent projects or from a path, or to create a new one.


Project selection#

When you select a project, Zrythm will load it.

To load a project from a path, click Open From Path....

Creating Projects#

To create a new project, click Create New Project... and choose a title, parent directory and template, then click Create Project.


New project creation#


A blank template is available, and you can create your own templates by copying a project directory under templates in the Zrythm user path.

Saving Projects#

Saving works as you would expect: Save As... will save the Project in a new location and Save will save the Project in the previous location.


When saving projects, Zrythm expects you to give it a directory.

Automatic Backups#

Zrythm has an option to auto-save the current project as a back-up. When launching Zrythm and selecting to load your project, Zrythm will let you know if there are newer back-ups of that project and ask you if you want to load them instead.


Prompt asking whether to open the found backup#

See also

See Backups for more information about backups.