Running Zrythm#

Initial Configuration#

When you first run Zrythm, it will display a dialog that lets you configure the basic settings that Zrythm will use. These include the Zrythm user path and the language of the user interface.


Initial configuration dialog#


Zrythm lets you choose the language of the interface. The interface is already translated in multiple languages, so choose the language you are most comfortable in.


You must have a locale enabled for the language you want to use.


This is the Zrythm user path.


More settings are available in the Preferences.

Plugin Scan#

When the first run wizard is completed, Zrythm will start scanning for plugins.


Project Selection#

Finally, Zrythm will ask you to load or create a project and then the main interface will show up.


Project selection#


Main interface#