We appreciate contributions of any type and size. Tell us how you would like to help, and we will do our best to guide you.


Please see the HACKING file in the source distribution.

Web Design#

You are welcome to help us improve the looks and usability of the Zrythm website. Please get in touch with us to discuss.

Artwork and Themes#

Zrythm is CSS themable and also makes use of many icons, some customized and some borrowed from other themes. If you would like to contribute artwork such as icons you can start by creating your own themes and icons as discussed in Icon Themes and CSS.


You are welcome to join us in testing the latest features in Zrythm and reporting bugs and feedback on GitLab.

The latest development branch for new features is development in our git repository.

See also

Reporting Bugs

Editing this Manual#

Edit the RST files under doc/user and submit a patch when finished.

You will need to have Sphinx installed to compile this manual.


Zrythm is available for translation at Weblate.

The Zrythm translation project contains the translations for the Zrythm program, the website, the accounts site, and sections of this manual.

Click on the project you wish to work on, and then select a language in the screen that follows. For more information on using Weblate, please see the official documentation.


Zrythm contains terminology similar to existing audio software. You may find it useful to borrow terms from them. See the Cubase Pro Artist manual for example (replace fr in the URL with your language code).

User Manual#

When translating the user manual, please make sure you follow the following Sphinx/RST syntax, to avoid errors when applying your translations.

General Syntax#

When you see something inside :, such as :term:, it should be left untranslated. The part following should be left untranslated as well. For example:

A plugin has parameters (see :term:`Parameter`).

should be translated in French as

Un plugin a des paramètres (:term:`Parameter`).

This is because this value will replaced automatically by Sphinx with the translation for Parameter. The only exception to this rule is when you see the <> characters. For example:

A plugin has :term:`parameters <Parameter>`.

should be translated in French as

Un plugin a des :term:`paramètres <Parameter>`.


Please make sure you do not insert or remove spaces. The following examples will cause errors.

:term: `Parameter`
      ^ space
: term:`Parameter`
 ^ space
:term :`Parameter`
     ^ space

Also, there should be space, comma or period after such syntax, like below.

:term:`Parameter` other information
:term:`Parameter`, other information
:term:`Parameter`. Other information

The following examples will cause errors.

:term:`Parameter`other information
                 ^ missing space/punctuation


The following syntax usually refers to a path, so please keep it unchanged, otherwise the file it refers to will not be found.



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Alternatively, you can purchase a Zrythm installer.