Plugin Window#

Custom UIs#

When Plugin UIs are opened, a window such as the following will be displayed, if the plugin ships with its own UI. This window may contain additions by Zrythm (such as File and Presets menus).


Generic UIs#

If the plugin does not ship with its own UI, the following generic UI will be generated for it.



Most plugins are instantiated in the same process as Zrythm. This has the advantage that DSP is very fast, however, some plugin UIs are not compatible with Zrythm and need to be bridged (ie, run as separate processes).


When it is possible to bridge only the UI, Zrythm will do so, and this will not have any performance implications on DSP. If bridging the whole plugin is required, this will have some performance implications, since it is required to communicate with the plugin in another process.

This process is transparent to the user and only mentioned for reference.

Opening Plugins in Bridged Mode#

Sometimes, you may need to manually tell Zrythm to open plugins in a specific way. You can find the options available for each plugin by right clicking on the plugin in the Plugin Browser.


Opening ZynAddSubFX in bridged mode#