Plugin Overview#

There are various plugin formats supported by Zrythm, covered in Scanning for Plugins.


In Zrythm, SFZ/SF2 are also used as plugins.

Plugin Types#

Plugins are classified into the following categories.

instrument Instrument

These plugins will create an Instrument Track when added to the project.

audio-insert Effect

These plugins can be dragged into the insert slots of existing channels in the mixer or can be instantiated to create new FX tracks.

modulator Modulator

These plugins output CV signals and can be used to modulate other plugin or track parameters.

signal-midi MIDI Effect

These plugins modify incoming MIDI signals and can be used in the MIDI signal chain of an Instrument or MIDI Track.


Zrythm looks inside the plugin's metadata to determine what type the plugin is. If that is not enough, Zrythm makes a decision based on the number of audio, MIDI, control and CV input and output ports a plugin has.

Plugin Ports#

Plugins consist of controls (parameters) and a variety of audio, MIDI and CV ports.

Zrythm first creates all plugins with the following special control ports. After these ports are created, Zrythm appends the rest of the plugin's ports.


Controls whether the plugin is active or bypassed.


Increases the output volume of the plugin (if applicable).

See also

All of the plugin's ports will be shown in the plugin's inspector page