Vue générale#


Zrythm aims to allow extensive theming support, however it is considered experimental at this stage.

You can override many defaults that Zrythm uses by placing things in your user path.

The Zrythm installation directory refers to where Zrythm was installed in. This is normally /opt/zrythm-<your version> on GNU/Linux and MacOS, and C:\Program Files\Zrythm on Windows.


You can override the GTK theme that Zrythm uses along with much of the color scheme in a special CSS file. It is a good idea to start by copying the theme from your Zrythm installation directory (normally /usr/share/zrythm/themes/zrythm-theme.css on GNU/Linux and share/zrythm/themes/zrythm-theme.css in the installation path on Windows or the Application contents on MacOS.

You should create a file called theme.css under the themes directory in your Zrythm directory. For example, if your Zrythm directory is /home/me/zrythm, you should create a file at /home/me/zrythm/themes/theme.css.


This is highly experimental and many things are subject to change.

GTK-Specific Rules#

You will find lots of information about changing CSS rules for general GTK widgets online.

Here are some links by official GNOME sources:

Icon Themes#


Icon theming is deprecated and will not be supported until we figure out a nice way to do it. The following text still applies to some extent, however most icons used inside Zrythm are bundled inside the Zrythm executable and are not themable at the moment.

Moreover, the following functionality is inherited from GTK, however it is likely that GTK/Freedesktop will change how icon theming works in the future, so we only mention it for reference.

The icon theme that Zrythm uses is freedesktop-compliant, so it can be easily overridden.

To override the Zrythm icon theme with your own icon theme, you need to create a directory similar to share/zrythm/themes/icons/zrythm-dark under your Zrythm installation directory.

For example, if your Zrythm directory is /home/me/zrythm, you should create a directory at /home/me/zrythm/themes/icons/zrythm-dark with an index.theme file and the icons you wish to override.

An easy way to do it is by copying the directory that Zrythm comes with and replacing the icons with your own.

A more elegant way to do it is by following the Freedesktop Icon Theme Specification.