You can install the latest version of Zrythm for your distro or operating system using an installer from the Download page on our website.

C’est la façon la plus simple et recommandée d’installer la dernière version pour la plupart des utilisateurs, et nous fournissons du support pour cela.


The installers also include bundled plugins.



On Windows, Zrythm will only work when installed in the default path. Installing Zrythm to external hard drives or setting the Zrythm user path to external hard drives is not supported.


Zrythm is available on Flathub under the ID org.zrythm.Zrythm.

Distribution Repositories#

If Zrythm is available in your distro’s repositories, you can also install it from there.

Building from Source#

You can build Zrythm from source, either using a source distribution tarball or git.

See INSTALL.rst in the source distribution for installation instructions.