Creación de pistas#

Pistas vacías#

To add an empty track, right click on empty space in the Tracklist and select the type of track you want to add.


Creación de pistas a partir de complementos#

Plugins can be clicked and dragged from the Plugin Browser and dropped into empty space in the Tracklist or Mixer to instantiate them. If the plugin is an instrument plugin, an instrument Track will be created. If the plugin is an effect, a bus Track will be created.

See Instancia de plugins for how to instantiate plugins.

Crear pistas de audio a partir de archivos de audio#

Likewise, to create an Audio Track from an audio file (WAV, FLAC, etc.), you can drag an audio file from the File Browser into empty space in the Tracklist or Mixer. This will create an Audio Track containing a single Audio Clip at the current Playhead position.

Creación de pistas por duplicación#

Most Tracks can be duplicated by right clicking inside the Track and selecting Duplicate.