Please see the Contributing Guide and check out the Developer Docs. These have a lot of information about how to contribute code and various guidelines to follow.

Artwork and Themes

Zrythm is mostly CSS themable and also makes use of many icons, some customized and some borrowed from other themes. If you would like to contribute artwork such as icons, please discuss with us first as icon preferences are very subjective.

For making themes, you can take a look in to get an idea of how CSS in GTK+3 works. We also recommend looking at the CSS Overview section in the GTK+3 docs.


We currently have a shortage of testers and you are very welcome to join us in testing the latest features in Zrythm and reporting bugs and feedback on Redmine.

The latest development branch for new features is development in our git repository.


Zrythm is available for translation at Hosted Weblate. Visit the Zrythm project page to get started.

The Zrythm translation project contains the following components:


The actual Zrythm program


The Zrythm website (

Manual - *

Sections of this manual

Click on the project you wish to work on, and then select a language in the screen that follows. For more information on using Weblate, please see the official documentation.

Editing this Manual

Click on the View Source button at the top of the page to find which file the page exists in.

You will need to have Sphinx installed to compile this manual.

TODO: add build instructions


We have a Patreon and LiberaPay account for recurrent donations. Alternatively, you can purchase Zrythm binaries at