Zrythm tiene un cuadro de diálogo de Preferencias que contiene todas las configuraciones globales a las que se puede acceder pulsando en el icono del engrane o con :kbd: Ctrl + Mayús + P


Cuadro de diálogo Preferencias#

Preferences are grouped by sections, such as General and Plugins, and each item in the preferences contains a tooltip that explains what it does.


Se ha de reiniciar Zrythm para que los cambios surtan efecto.


The preferences are searchable. You can simply start typing a keyword and results will appear automatically. Clicking on one of the results will navigate to the corresponding item in the preferences.


Buscar en las preferencias de usuario#

Preferencias notables#

Below is a list of notable preference items with some comments about them.

Selección de motor#

The audio/MIDI backend in under General ‣ Engine controls which audio engine implementation Zrythm will use to receive input from and send output to devices. JACK/JACK MIDI is the recommended backend combination on all systems.

Dispositivos/controladores de entrada#

In order to be able to record input from MIDI/audio devices, the devices must be explicitly enabled using the MIDI controllers and Audio inputs settings under General ‣ Engine.

Zrythm will ignore input from any devices not explicitly enabled.

Undo Stack Length#

The size of the undo stack, found under Editing ‣ Undo controls how far back you can undo user actions in a given project. For example, if set to 128, you can go back 128 (undoable) user actions.


The undo history is saved inside Zrythm projects, so you can still undo even after you load the project in a new instance of Zrythm.


Setting this to a very large number will increase the size of project files and it may take longer to save/load projects. We recommend leaving it to the default value.

Guardado de copias de respaldo#

Zrythm puede guardar copias de respaldo de manera automática mientras trabaja en un proyecto. Puede especificar el intervalo para hacerlo, en minutos, a través de Proyectos ▸ General. Para desactivar el guardado automático, defina el intervalo a 0.

Idioma de interfaz de usuario#

The language of the user interface can be changed under UI ‣ General.

Restablecer a configuración de fábrica#

There is an option to reset Zrythm to its default settings under General ‣ Other.

Ver también

This behaves similarly to zrythm --reset-to-factory.