Additional Settings#


Zrythm stores most of its configuration using the GSettings mechanism, which comes with the gsettings command for changing settings from the command line, or the optional GUI tool dconf-editor.


Normally, you shouldn’t need to access any of these settings as most of them are found inside Zrythm’s UI, and it is not recommended to edit them as Zrythm validates some settings before it saves them or uses some settings internally.

Viewing the Current Settings#

See zrythm --print-settings.


See zrythm --reset-to-factory and 重置到出厂设置.


Located at plugin-settings.yaml under the Zrythm user path, this is a collection of per-plugin settings, such as whether to open the plugin with Carla, the bridge mode to use and whether to use a generic UI.

Zrythm will remember the last setting used for each plugin and automatically apply it when you choose to instantiate that plugin from the plugin browser.


This file is generated and maintained automatically by Zrythm and users are not expected to edit it.