Editor Ruler#

The editor ruler is similar to the timeline ruler explained in Timeline Ruler, with some differences.


Editor ruler#

The ruler will display more or less information depending on the current zoom level. It will also display the following markers and indicators.


Clip Start

Controls the position where the clip will start playback from. Displayed as a blue, right-pointing arrow.


Current position of the playhead. Displayed as a grey, down-facing arrow.

Loop Points

These control the range where the clip will loop after it reaches the loop end point. Displayed as 2 green arrows.

You can move these markers by clicking and dragging.

Clicking and dragging on empty space will allow you to reposition the playhead.


All regions in the same track as the active region will be shown inside the ruler. The active region will be displayed in a more prominent color.


Regions in the editor ruler#