Command Line#

Zrythm comes with a few utilities below that can be used from the CLI.


Zrythm executable.

-h, --help#

Print a list of available options.


Pretty-print the output (where applicable).

-p, --print-settings#

Print all the user settings. Can be combined with zrythm --pretty to get pretty-printed output, like below.


Reset user settings to their default values.


Only affects the settings printed with zrythm -p. This will not affect any files in the Zrythm user path.


This will clear ALL your user settings.


Override the audio backend to use.

BACKEND is one of: alsa, dummy, jack, pa, pulse, rtaudio, sdl


Override the MIDI backend to use.

BACKEND is one of: dummy, jack, rtmidi, windows_mme

-v, --version#

Print version information.

Prints the Zrythm version.


Wrapper over zrythm that sets the correct paths before launching Zrythm. All of the options for zrythm can also be passed to zrythm_launch.