Saving & Loading

Loading Projects

When Zrythm launches, it will ask you to select a project to load from a list of recent projects, or to create a new one.


When you select a project and click Apply, Zrythm will load that project.

Creating Projects

In the menu above, if you select Create new project, Zrythm will ask you for a template to use for creating the new Project.



A blank template is available, and you can create your own templates by copying a project directory under templates in the Zrythm user path.

Once a template (or blank) is selected and you click Apply, Zrythm will ask you for a parent directory to save the project in and a title for the project.


Once you accept, the new project will be set up and you will be ready to go.

Saving Projects

Saving works as you would expect: Save As… will save the Project in a new location and Save will save the Project in the previous location.


When saving projects, Zrythm expects you to give it a directory

Automatic Backups

Zrythm has an option to auto-save the current project as a back-up. When launching Zrythm and selecting to load your project, Zrythm will let you know if there are newer back-ups of that project and ask you if you want to load them instead.



See 备份 for more information about backups.