Track Operations#

Track Selection#

Tracks are selected by clicking on them, either in the tracklist or in the mixer. Multiple tracks can be selected by pressing and holding Control while clicking them.

Moving/Copying Tracks#

Tracks can be moved by clicking on one of the selected tracks and dragging and dropping them to another location. The drop locations will be highlighted as you move the Track.

Holding down Control while dropping will cause the tracks to be cloned (copied) instead of moved.


Moving a track above the "Audio FX Track"#

Changing Track Icon/Color/Name#

Track Icon#

The icon can be changed by clicking on the icon in the tracklist.

Track Color#

The track color can be changed by clicking on the color box on the left side of the track view, or via the Change Color context menu option.

اسم المقطوعة#

The track name can be changed by double-clicking on it in the track view, in the track inspector, or in the channel. It can also be changed via the Rename context menu option.

Context Menu Options#

Each track has a context menu with options that vary depending on its type. The context menu can be activated by right-clicking on one or more tracks.


Track context menu#

Edit Section#


Deletes the selected tracks.


Duplicates the selected tracks.


Hides the selected tracks.

شاهد أيضا

See Track Visibility and Filtering for more information about track visibility.


Pins the selected tracks.

شاهد أيضا

See Tracklist for details.

Change Color

Changes the color of the selected track.


Changes the name of the selected track.

Selection Section#

Append Track Objects to Selection

Appends all track objects to the currently selected timeline objects.


This is useful for performing operations on all track objects.

Bounce Section#

Quick Bounce

Bounce with last known settings.


Show the Bounce dialog with bounce settings.

Channel Section#

[Fader Controls]

See Fader.

Direct Output

Allows changing the direct output of the selected tracks to either an existing track or to a newly-created group track.


Disables the selected tracks. Disabled tracks will not be processed.

Piano Roll Section#

Track MIDI Channel

The MIDI channel that MIDI events from the piano roll will be assigned to.

Automation Section#

Show Used Lanes

Show all lanes that contain automation.

Hide Unused Lanes

Hide all lanes that do not contain automation.