Frequently Asked Questions#


What is Zrythm?#

Zrythm is software for composing, recording, editing, arranging, mixing and mastering audio and MIDI data. Such software is commonly referred to as a digital audio workstation (DAW). Zrythm provides all the tools needed to create entire tracks.

How do I pronounce it?#


Is it free?#

Zrythm is free as in freedom (Free software). If you purchase a binary from us, there is a cost involved but you can also get Zrythm for free as in free beer if you build it yourself or get it from a distribution.

When will v1 be released?#

When all bugfixes and feature implementations under the Version 1 milestone are completed.


How do I add external plugins?#

See Scanning for Plugins and Instantiating Plugins.

How do I import an audio/MIDI file?#

See Importing Files.

Can I use ASIO?#

Short answer: Yes, but you have to do it yourself and you may not distribute the build to anyone else.

The ASIO technology was developed by German company Steinberg and is protected by a licensing agreement which prevents redistribution of its source code.

Zrythm contains code under AGPL/GPL which requires all source code (including source code of used libraries) to be disclosed, and therefore it is illegal to provide builds with ASIO support.

However, Zrythm supports the JACK and RtAudio backends, which optionally support ASIO. As we cannot distribute these libraries with ASIO support along with Zrythm, you must obtain them yourself (for example by building them from source with ASIO support) and make Zrythm use those.


Zrythm with ASIO support is NON-DISTRIBUTABLE. You may NOT copy or distribute builds including ASIO support to anyone else. The build is strictly for your own personal (private or commercial) use. For the same reasons, the Zrythm team cannot distribute builds of Zrythm including ASIO support.