Zrythm can import MIDI and audio files into the project. The files can be imported by dragging and dropping from your computer or from the file browser into a track.

Supported Formats#


The following file formats are supported.

OGG (Vorbis and OPUS)

An open and patent-free container format mostly used for lossy audio files.


An open and royalty-free audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio.


An audio file format for storing audio bistreams (uncompressed audio).


An (originally patented) coding format for compressed audio. Although the patents have expired, we recommend using OGG instead.


OPUS support requires specific project samplerates to work properly.


A software patent is a 20-year monopoly on the use of a feature in a computer program. When a company has a patent on nested menus, a video format, or pinch-to-zoom, then no one else can implement that feature for 20 years unless they get permission from the patent holder.

Computer programs typically contain hundreds or thousands of features, and many features that users expect, are patented.

The End Software Patents campaign is against software monopolies, and for software development.

Learn more at EndSoftPatents.


Zrythm supports SMF files of type 0 and type 1. Each type is explained below for reference.

Type 0

An entire performance merged into a single track.

Type 1

An entire performance in one or more tracks that are performed simultaneously

Type 2

Multiple arrangements, each having its own track and intended to be played in sequence


Type 2 SMF files are rarely used and are not supported.