UI Scaling and Wayland#

About Wayland#

Zrythm currently forces X11 (i.e., XWayland) when running on Wayland because almost all plugins on GNU/Linux are built against X11 and some plugin UIs crash when running under Wayland directly.


You can avoid these crashes by bridging plugins.

If you are fine with this and prefer Zrythm to use pure Wayland you can use the GDK_BACKEND environment variable. You can either pass this variable when running Zrythm from the terminal,

$ export GDK_BACKEND=wayland
$ zrythm_launch

or you can edit the Desktop Entry for Zrythm.

- Exec=/usr/bin/zrythm_launch
+ Exec=env GDK_BACKEND=wayland /usr/bin/zrythm_launch

UI Scaling#

If you are using Wayland and your window manager already has the correct scaling settings, you may be able to get the user interface scaled correctly by having Zrythm running entirely in Wayland using GDK_BACKEND.

On Xorg, you can scale the interface by setting the GDK_SCALE environment variable:

$ export GDK_SCALE=2
$ zrythm_launch


GTK3/4 does not support fractional scaling currently, so fractional factors will be ignored. This environment variable is also ignored in Mutter Wayland sessions.