Snapping and Grid Options#

Snap Toolbar#

Zrythm will snap according to the options currently specified by the snap toolbar buttons in each panel.


Snap toolbar#

Snap to Grid

Turn snapping on/off

Keep Offset

When snapping, keep the offset of objects from the nearest snap point on their left


Requires Snap to Grid to be toggled on

Snap to Events

When snapping, snap to the start/end positions other objects


Requires Snap to Grid to be toggled on

Snap/Grid Options#

The Snap/Grid options control allows fine-tuning snapping behavior inside arrangers.


Snap/Grid options#


The Snap section controls the snapping behavior of the start position of objects.

Note Length

Note length to snap to

Triplet (t)

Use triplet note (2/3rds of the selected note length)

Dotted (.)

Use dotted note (3/2nds, or 1.5 times the selected note length)


Adapt snapping to the current zoom level


The Length section controls the default length of objects.


Use the same options as Snap

Last Object

Use the length of the last created object