Modulators are any plugins that have at least one CV output port. These CV ports can be routed to any automatable parameter inside Zrythm. For example, you can route an LFO to a filter cutoff parameter to modulate its value.

Modulators Tab#

Zrythm has a modulators tab in the bottom panel that can hold any number of modulators and a fixed number of macro knobs.


Modulators and macro knobs are associated with the Modulator Track, which contains all modulators in the Project.

Adding Modulators#

Modulator plugins can be drag-n-dropped from the Plugin Browser into the Modulators tab. Modulator plugins can be filtered inside the plugin browser.

Routing Modulators#

Modulator outputs can be routed to automatable controls by clicking on the arrow and following the prompt to select the destination.

../_images/modulator-route.png ../_images/modulator-route2.png

Macro Knobs#

Macro knobs are simple controls that can be used to control multiple parameters. They can be automated in the Modulator Track, and you can also route envelopes like LFOs to them.

Adding Inputs#

Click the Add button on the left side of a macro knob to add inputs to modulate the macro knob.

Routing to Outputs#

Click the arrow button on the right side of a macro knob to route it to one or more controls. The process is similar to modulator output routing.