Transport Controls#

Playback is controlled by the following transport controls.



Metronome toggle

Toggles the metronome on/off.

When the metronome is enabled, you will hear metronome ticks during playback at each bar and each beat. The tick at each bar will be more emphasized. This feature is useful for making sure the song stays on beat.


The metronome samples can be overridden by placing your own samples in your Zrythm directory. This is a TODO feature.

Metronome options

Sets the volume of the metronome

Return to cue point on stop

Toggles whether to return to the Cue Point when playback stops.


Arms the project for recording.

Record options

Sets the settings to use when recording.


If stopped, the song will start playing. If already playing, the Playhead will move to the Cue point.


Pauses playback. If clicked twice, goes back to the Cue point.


Moves the Playhead backward by the size of 1 snap point.


Moves the Playhead forward by the size of 1 snap point.


If enabled, the Playhead will move back to the Loop Start point when it reaches the Loop End point.

Playhead Display#

The playhead position can be displayed in either BBT notation ( or actual time ( This can be toggled by right-clicking on the playhead position display.


JACK Transport#

Zrythm can sync to JACK transport or become the JACK transport master. These options are available by right-clicking the playhead position display when using the JACK audio backend and will be remembered across projects.