Command Line#

Zrythm comes with a few utilities below that can be used from the CLI.


Zrythm executable.

-h, --help#

Print a list of available options.


Pretty-print the output (where applicable).

-p, --print-settings#

Print all the user settings. Can be combined with zrythm --pretty to get pretty-printed output, like below.


Reset user settings to their default values.


Only affects the settings printed with zrythm -p. This will not affect any files in the Zrythm user path.


This will clear ALL your user settings.

-v, --version#

Print version information.


Convert a .zpj project file to YAML.


Convert a YAML file to the .zpj format.

Prints the Zrythm version.


Wrapper over zrythm that sets the correct paths before launching Zrythm. All of the options for zrythm can also be passed to zrythm_launch.