Track Controls#

Tracks have various controls available in the track views inside the tracklist and in their corresponding channels inside the mixer. Each available control is explained below.

Signal Flow#


Arm the track for recording.


Mute the track, meaning no signal will be sent to its direct out.

Ghi chú

The track will still be processed, so if you are looking to decrease DSP usage, try disabling plugins instead.


Solo the track. If any track is soloed, only the soloed tracks will produce sounds.


Similar to solo, except it dims the volume of other tracks instead of muting them. The dim amount can be controlled in the Monitor Section.


Listen to incoming signal when recording.

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This is only used on audio tracks.


Show Lanes

Toggle the visibility of track lanes.

Show Automation

Toggle the visibility of automation tracks.

Show UI

Show or hide the UI of the instrument plugin.

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Only available on instrument tracks.



Prevent any edits on the track while locked.

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Not implemented yet.


Bounce the track to an audio file internally and prevent edits while frozen. This is intended to reduce DSP load on DSP-hungry tracks.

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Not implemented yet.