Zrythm has a Preferences dialog containing all of the global settings that can be accessed by clicking the gear icon or with Control-Shift-p


Preferences dialog#

Preferences are grouped by sections, such as General and Plugins, and each item in the preferences contains a tooltip that explains what it does.

Ghi chú

Zrythm must be restarted for changes to take effect.


The preferences are searchable. You can simply start typing a keyword and results will appear automatically. Clicking on one of the results will navigate to the corresponding item in the preferences.


Searching the user preferences#

Notable Preferences#

Below is a list of notable preference items with some comments about them.

Backend Selection#

The audio/MIDI backend in under General ‣ Engine controls which audio engine implementation Zrythm will use to receive input from and send output to devices. JACK/JACK MIDI is the recommended backend combination on all systems.

Input Devices/Controllers#

In order to be able to record input from MIDI/audio devices, the devices must be explicitly enabled using the MIDI controllers and Audio inputs settings under General ‣ Engine.

Zrythm will ignore input from any devices not explicitly enabled.

Undo Stack Length#

The size of the undo stack, found under Editing ‣ Undo controls how far back you can undo user actions in a given project. For example, if set to 128, you can go back 128 (undoable) user actions.

Gợi ý

The undo history is saved inside Zrythm projects, so you can still undo even after you load the project in a new instance of Zrythm.

Cảnh báo

Setting this to a very large number will increase the size of project files and it may take longer to save/load projects. We recommend leaving it to the default value.

Backup Saving#

Zrythm can save backups automatically while working on a project. You can specify the interval to do this, in minutes, under Projects ‣ General. To disable auto-save, set the interval to 0.

User Interface Language#

The language of the user interface can be changed under UI ‣ General.

Reset to Factory Settings#

There is an option to reset Zrythm to its default settings under General ‣ Other.

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This behaves similarly to zrythm --reset-to-factory.