Files and Directories#

User path#

When Zrythm is launched for the first time, it will also ask you to select a directory for saving your user data. See Zrythm user path for details.

Installed Files#

When Zrythm is installed, it installs the following files by default.

Desktop Entry#

A freedesktop-compliant configuration file that describes how a particular program should be launched, how it appears in menus, etc. This is normally installed at /usr/share/applications/zrythm.desktop.

GLib Schema#

This file contains the schema for user configurations. It is normally installed at /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.zrythm.Zrythm.gschema.xml.

Desktop Icon#

This is used by the desktop environment. Normally installed at /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/zrythm.svg.

Localization Files#

Localization files are installed under /usr/share/locale. For example, /usr/share/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/ for Korean.


Default audio samples used by Zrythm (such as the metronome). Normally installed under /usr/share/zrythm/samples.


Unless your distribution provides packages for the required fonts, fonts required by Zrythm will normally be installed under /usr/share/fonts/zrythm.

GtkSourceView Stylesheets#

Zrythm will install CSS stylesheets to be used by some text input widgets under /usr/share/zrythm/sourceview-styles.


Default themes (including icon themes) will normally be installed under /usr/share/zrythm/themes.

Gợi ý

Zrythm provides ways to override some of these files with user-specified files in the Zrythm user path. See Theming for details.

User Files#

Cached Plugin Descriptors#

Plugin descriptor cache for faster scanning. This is found at cached_plugin_descriptors.yaml under the Zrythm user path.

Plugin Collections#

This file contains your plugin collections. It is found at plugin_collections.yaml under the Zrythm user path.

Plugin Settings#

Located at plugin-settings.yaml under the Zrythm user path, this is a collection of per-plugin settings, such as whether to open the plugin with Carla, the bridge mode to use and whether to use a generic UI.

Ghi chú

This file is generated and maintained automatically by Zrythm and users are not expected to edit it.

Log File#

Zrythm will write to a log file on each run inside the log subdirectory under the Zrythm user path. The filename will contain the current date and time, for example log_2020-06-26_15-34-19.log.

This log file is useful for debugging crashes and other problems.