We appreciate contributions of any type and size. Tell us how you would like to help, and we will do our best to guide you.

We want to provide a friendly and harassment-free environment so that everyone can contribute to the best of their abilities. To this end our project uses a Contributor Covenant which was adapted from You can find the full pledge in our Code of Conduct.


Please see the HACKING file in the source distribution.

Web Design

You are welcome to help us improve the looks and usability of the Zrythm website. Please join our chatrooms and talk to us.

Artwork and Themes

Zrythm is CSS themable and also makes use of many icons, some customized and some borrowed from other themes. If you would like to contribute artwork such as icons you can start by creating your own themes and icons as discussed in Icon Themes and CSS.


You are welcome to join us in testing the latest features in Zrythm and reporting bugs and feedback on Redmine.

The latest development branch for new features is development in our git repository.


Zrythm is available for translation at Weblate.

The Zrythm translation project contains the translations for the Zrythm program, the website as well as sections of this manual.

Click on the project you wish to work on, and then select a language in the screen that follows. For more information on using Weblate, please see the official documentation.

Editing this Manual

Click on the View Source button at the top of the page to find which file the page exists in, find the file in the source distribution and edit it.

You will need to have Sphinx installed to compile this manual.


We use the following services for receiving donations. Any amount, small or large is appreciated and helps sustain continuous development:

Alternatively, you can purchase a Zrythm installer.