Instrument Track

The instrument track is used for synths and other instruments. Instrument tracks contain a special instrument slot in the mixer that will get processed after the MIDI FX section and before the Inserts section.


Instrument tracks are similar to MIDI tracks, except that they produce audio instead of MIDI.

Top Buttons

Spela in

Arms the track for recording.


Soloes the track.


Mutes the track.

Show UI

Displays the UI of the main plugin.

Bottom Buttons


Not used at the moment.


Freezes the track (not operational at the moment).

Show Lanes

Toggles the visibility of lanes.

Show Automation

Toggles the visibility of automation tracks.




Direkt ut

The track to route the audio output of the instrument track to.


These are similar to Ingångar.


Pre-Fader Out L/R

The stereo audio signal before the fader is applied.

Fader Out L/R

The stereo audio signal after the fader is applied.


You can use these for side-chaining.


These are similar to Lanes.

Automation Tracks

These are similar to Automation Tracks.


If DSP usage is high and you have performance issues, or if you just want to save CPU power, instrument tracks can be frozen (temporarily converted to audio), which dramatically lowers their CPU usage.

Instruments can be frozen by clicking the Freeze button in the track interface.