GNU с Linux


You can install the latest version of Zrythm for your distro using an installer from the Download page on our website.

The installer supports the following distros (and derivatives):

  • Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10 & 20.04 - amd64

  • LinuxMint 19.3 - amd64

  • Debian 9 & 10 - amd64

  • Arch Linux - x86_64

  • Fedora 32 - x86_64

  • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed - x86_64

This is the easiest and recommended way to install the latest version for most users, and we provide support for it.

Distribution Package

If your distribution provides a Zrythm package you can install it from there.

Ручная установка

If you are an advanced user and prefer to build Zrythm yourself, you can build Zrythm from source, either using a source distribution tarball or git.

See the file in the source distribution for installation instructions.