Interface Overview

The Zrythm interface is split into various sub-modules:

Inspector Panel (1)

The inspector panel contains the inspector, which is used to view and change parameters of the currently selected objects.

Editor Panel (2)

The editor panel contains various views that are useful in composing and mixing, such as the Clip Editor and the Mixer.

Browser Panel (3)

The browser panel contains the browser, and is used to find plugins and/or audio and MIDI files to drag and drop into the project.

Arranger Panel (4)

This is where the action happens. The main panel mainly consists of the Timeline Arranger and the Project’s Tracks on the left side.

Toolbar (5)

There are two main toolbars containing global controls such as BPM and Transport.

Title Bar (6)

The Title Bar contains menus with options for various operations.

Status Bar (7)

The status bar is a helpful bar in the bottom of the window that displays information about the current project.