Zrythm has a Preferences dialog containing all of the global settings that can be accessed by clicking the gear icon or by Ctrl+Shift+P.


The Preferences dialog is split into the following sections, which are explained below:

  • General

  • Audio

  • GUI

  • Plugins

  • Projects


Audio Backend

The backend to use for the audio engine.

MIDI Backend

The MIDI backend to use for the audio engine.

MIDI Controllers

MIDI devices to auto-connect to when Zrythm starts.

Pan Algorithm

The panning algorithm to use. See the graph below for the different curves as you move the pan from left to right. We recommend leaving it as the default (Sine). See for more information. This is not used at the moment.


Pan algorithms (sine, square root, linear).

Pan Law

This is not used at the moment.

Zrythm Path

The path to save projects, temporary files, and other non-project specific files.


Always open plugin UIs

Always show the plugin UI when instantiating plugins.

Keep plugin UIs on top

Whether to always keep plugin UIs above other Zrythm windows or not.



The language that the Zrythm interface uses.


Autosave Interval

The amount of time to wait before auto-saving a backup of the current project, in minutes. Setting this to 0 will turn it off.


Changing some of these settings requires a restart of Zrythm.