First Run Wizard

When you first run Zrythm, it will display a wizard that lets you configure the basic settings that Zrythm will use. These include MIDI devices, the default Zrythm path, interface language and audio/MIDI backends.

Language Selection


Zrythm lets you choose the language of the interface. The interface is already translated in multiple languages, so choose the language you are most comfortable in.


You must have a locale for the language you want to use enabled.

This is usually not a problem since you are probably already using the correct locale for your language. In case a locale cannot be found, you will see a message telling you the steps to enable it.



This is the path where Zrythm will save projects, temporary files, exported audio, etc. The default is «zrythm» in the user’s directory.

Audio/MIDI Backends


Zrythm supports multiple audio and MIDI backend engines. JACK is the recommended one for both, but it takes some time to set up if this is your first time using it. If you don’t want to use JACK for some reason you can select other backends such as ALSA.

Click Test to try connecting to the backend to see if it is functional.


JACK MIDI requires a JACK server to be running, which means you probably want to use it with the JACK audio backend.


Only JACK works at the moment.

MIDI Devices


These are the discovered devices that will be auto-connected and ready to use every time you run Zrythm. Click «Rescan» to scan for devices again.


All of the settings mentioned here are also available in the preferences (Ctr+Shift+P or File->Preferences), so don’t worry if you selected the wrong settings.