Crear Conexiones#

Zrythm allows the user to connect almost any port to any other port, as long as they are compatible. For example, you can route an LFO’s CV output to a filter plugin’s cutoff parameter.

Connections can be made by double clicking on ports in the Inspector de pistas or the Página del inspector.


By double clicking the port, you can select a port to connect it to, or edit existing connections. You can also drag the slider to adjust the level of the amount to send.


Por hacer

Give an example of how to sidechain (classic bass + kick example).

Routing Graph#

It is very helpful to be able to view the routing graph when making connections. We plan to add this functionality into Zrythm in the future, but for now Zrythm allows you to export the whole routing graph as a PNG image, so you can view it externally.

See Routing Graph for details.