Basic Concepts and Terminology

Here are a few terms you should be aware of when using Zrythm. They are explained further in their corresponding chapters.


A Region (Clip) is a container for MIDI Notes or audio. This is what a Region looks like in the arranger.


Regions are edited in the Editor Panel. In this case, the clip is looped.



The Timeline is where the song is arranged, also known as Arranger.



A Track is a single slot in the Timeline containing various Regions and Automation. It may contain various lanes, such as Automation Lanes. There are some special tracks like the Chord Track and the Marker Track that contain chords and markers respectively.



The Tracklist contains all of the Tracks in the project. It is split into the top (pinned) Tracklist and the bottom (main) Tracklist.



A Channel is a single slot in the Mixer. Most types of Tracks have a corresponding Channel.



The Mixer contains all of the Channels in the Project and is used to mix the audio signals from each Channel.



A Range is a selection of time between two positions.



MIDI Notes are used to trigger virtual (or hardware) instruments.