El cuadro de diálogo Exportar, mostrado más abajo, puede emplearse para exportar el proyecto, sea en su totalidad o parcialmente, como archivos de sonido o MIDI.



Artista y Género

These will be included as metadata to the exported file if the format supports it. The title used will be the project title.


El formato al cual exportar. Actualmente se admiten los formatos siguientes

  • FLAC - .FLAC

  • OGG (Vorbis) - .ogg

  • WAV - .wav

  • MP3 - .mp3

  • MIDI - .mid



Profundidad de bits

This is the bit depth that will be used when exporting audio. The higher the bit depth the larger the file will be, but it will have better quality.

Intervalo temporal

The time range to export. You can choose to export the whole song (defined by the start/end markers), the current loop range or a custom time range.

Filename Pattern

The pattern to use as the name of the file.

Open Exported Directory

Once export is completed, a dialog will appear with an option to open the directory the file was saved in using your default file browser program.