MIDI Track

A MIDI track contains MIDI regions and its purpose is playing back MIDI events and routing those MIDI signals to other instruments (including external instruments and hardware).

MIDI tracks, unlike instrument tracks, produce MIDI output and so their channel strips will only have MIDI effects (plugins that change MIDI signals).

MIDI tracks also have automation lanes for automating various parameters.


Top Buttons


Arms the track for recording.


Soloes the track.


Mutes the track.

Bottom Buttons


Not used at the moment.

Show Lanes

Toggles the visibility of lanes.

Show Automation

Toggles the visibility of automation tracks.




Track Name

The name of the track. You can double click to change it.

Direct Out

The track to route the output of the MIDI track to.


Input Device

The input device(s) to receive MIDI signals from during recording.

Input Channel

The MIDI channel(s) to listen to for recording MIDI events. This acts as a filter so MIDI events on channels not selected will be ignored.


Pre-Fader Out

The MIDI signal before the MIDI fader is applied.

Fader Out

The MIDI signal after the MIDI fader is applied.


The MIDI fader uses MIDI volume CC.


The MIDI fader is a TODO feature and currently does nothing (it lets the signal pass through).


The MIDI track can have multiple lanes for saving regions. By default, all regions you create will be created in lane 1. Additional lanes will be auto-created and deleted as you add regions to each lane.


Lanes are useful when recording, as each time the playback loops it will start recording in a new lane and mute the region in the previous lane. Lanes are also useful for generally organizing your regions. For example you can keep high notes in lane 1 and bass notes in lane 2.

Lanes can be made visible by clicking the “hamburger” icon.

Automation Tracks

Automation tracks are used to create automation events for various parameters of the MIDI track, and any plugins in the MIDI track’s channel. To show the automation tracks, click on the cusp icon in the MIDI track.


More information about automation tracks can be found in the Automation chapter.

Context Menu


MIDI Transformations