Plugins expose Ports that are used internally to route MIDI and audio signals to/from and externally for automation.

A Port can only be an Input Port or an Output Port and can have one of the following types.


Ports of this type receive or send raw audio signals. Usually, Effect Plugins will have at least two of these as inputs for Left and Right, and at least two as outputs.


Event Ports are mainly used for routing MIDI signals. Instrument Plugins will have at least one Event Port.


Control Ports are Plugin parameters that are usually shown inside the Plugin’s UI. These can be automated in automation lanes.


CV Ports are continuous signals that can be fed into or emitted from Plugins, and are mainly used by the Modulators. Each Modulator will have at least one CV output Port which can be routed to Plugin Control Ports for automation.

Usually, only Ports of the same type can be connected, with the exception of CV ports. CV output Ports may be routed to both CV input Ports and Control input Ports.

Output Ports may only be routed to Input Ports and vice versa.


Tracks/channels also have their own ports, for example for the fader, pan, and enabled status (on/off).