The Toolbox contains the following Tools that are used to trigger modes for specific operations.

Selection Tool

The Selection Tool is the smartest Tool and while its main functionality is to select and move objects, it can also create or edit objects in various ways.

Edit Tool

Also known as the Pencil Tool, this Tool is used to create objects by single-clicking and dragging. In the drum view of the Piano Roll, it can be used to quickly generate multiple hits.

Erase Tool

The Erase Tool is used to delete all objects that are selected by it.

Each tool can be selected by simply pressing its corresponding button from 1 to 5 on the keyboard. Each Mode triggered by each tool is further described below.

Select Mode

To select objects in Select Mode, click and drag to create a selection rectangle.

To create objects in Select Mode, double click and drag within a track or lane.

To move selected objects, click on one of them and hold while moving your cursor. If the object is not selected, it will become selected.

To copy-move (duplicate and move) objects, click and drag like when moving, while holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard.

To split/cut objects in parts, hold Ctrl while clicking somewhere inside the object to cut at that position.

Edit Mode