Device Setup

Connecting MIDI and Audio Devices

On Linux machines, Zrythm works with both ALSA and JACK as available backends. Depending on the backend selected, the configuration differs.

Zrythm will auto-scan and allow you to connect to input devices for recording through the Track Inspector, as below, and in most cases you don’t need to use any external tools or auto-connect mechanism.


Auto-Connecting Devices

For other types of devices that are not linked to specific tracks, such as devices that send global MIDI messages and devices that control the transport, Zrythm has an option to select these devices to auto-connect to on launch.

This is a TODO feature


When using the JACK audio and MIDI backend, Zrythm exposes ports to JACK, so devices can be attached there using a tool like Catia. Note that for MIDI, devices might need to be bridged to JACK using a2jmidid.

An example configuration looks like this (in Catia inside Cadence)



A tool like Catia can be used to connect MIDI devices to Zrythm.