Chords and scales can be used to easily try out various chords and to make it easier to follow chord progressions.

Chord Pad#

The chord pad contains 12 pads (1 for each key on a piano keyboard) that can be used to trigger chords. The chord pad can be found in the bottom panel.


Chord Track#

Chord regions and scale objects can be created inside the chord track, and these can then be used to dictate what chord and scale is active when. For example, you can specify a chord progression as follows.


Chord region and scale inside the chord track in the timeline.#


Chord objects inside the chord region above.#


You can then use highlighting inside MIDI regions to highlight the notes corresponding to the scale, chord, or both at the position of the playhead.


Chord highlighting.#


Scale highlighting.#


Scale and chord highlighting.#

Live Audition#

You can route the output of the chord track to a MIDI or Instrument track for live auditioning of the chord track’s events.


This is a TODO feature.